For Android


By Maildover LLC

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What is Butterfly

It's a really cool game! All you need to do is keep the butterfly from turning around when it gets to a corner ... or it will shrink!



Who is it for?

Anyone with Android!


How to use it?


Once the butterfly tuns, just tap it gently to get it straight again.. so it will hit the corner head on! Otherwise it will shrink ... and shrink.... and shrink ... soo see how long you can keep it running big and beautiful!




Perquisites, comments and known issues

- Requires Android OS 1.6 and above



Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you! As we are working on the next stepping stones in this fascinating journey, we are happy to get feedback and incorporate in our next version, help you out with technical issues, or just share experience. Please write us at maildover@gmail.com