Energy Central

For Android


By Maildover LLC



Who is it for?

Anyone who is also interested in Energy – it’s sources, uses, conservation and future.


What is it?

Energy is mobile app that is all about ... Energy!  The app provides a brief starter for the different types of commercial energy used in day to day life, how it’s being produced, what are the positive and negative implications and much more.

This app covers all form of commercial energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable, from oil to gas to wind to hydro power to nuclear energy.

The app also provides a platform for on-line discussion about these topics – the feedback from the discussion will be incorporated in next versions of the app, as it’s build using dynamic content that can be easily expanded.

In addition, the app also provides great saving tips and energy saving calculators for different purposes.

Last but not least – Energy app has a cool quiz section where you can test your knowledge in the subject.


How to use it?

No knowledge required! The app is written in simple and easy to understand fashion, and actually borrows heavily from Wikipedia in many topics.




Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you! As we are working on the next stepping stones in this fascinating journey, we are happy to get feedback and incorporate in our next version, help you out with technical issues, or just share experience. Please write us at



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