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What is Idiomatic


It's a really cool game! Joyful and educational. Guess either one, two or three words to complete an idiom, and win points! See who from your family and friends get most points:



Who is it for?

Anyone with Android!


How to use it?


Start Idiomatic. Click either "Guess one", "Guess two" or "Guess three" buttons. Click the text line on the screen, and complete the idiom to best of your knowledge, then click "OK!":





If you completed correctly, you will get following confirmation, and one point will be added to you:



Idiomatic will also announce with voice the correct completion. You can switch all voice-over prompts off via menu->setup, just uncheck "enable TTS" box.

You can use Android's speech recognition instead of typing to complete the answer. Click "Guess one", "Guess two" or "Guess three" button - when the text shows up, instead of tapping the text line, click the "Listen!" button, and talk the answer.

You can display for each player his/her number of points, number of attempts and success percentage. Click the menu button:


Then click "Players". Idiomatic will list all the players. Click the one with the packman icon, it's the one currently playing:


Click the link with the packman, to display the player's numbers:


You can rest these numbers here, by clicking "Rest points". You can also rename the current player's name. There are five different players you can select to participate in this game - for each one Idiomatic will keep the number of points, number of attempts and success percentage.

You can also chooes differen current player, in the Players menu just click the player you want:

By default Idiomatic will announce using Android's Text To Speech engine (TTS) the different things going on - for example it will confirm that you completed the idiom correctly, it will prompt you to try again if the completion is incorrect etc. Note that if you don't have this option installed on your phone, you can download and install it from Android Market for free. You can turn this option off if you like - when you start Idiomatic click menu and then "Setup":


Un-check the box "Enable TTS".

By default, Idiomatic allows voice recognition. You can disable this option, by un-cheking the "Enable ASR" box above. Once you un-check this box, Idiomatic will change mode to text-munching mode .. once you click "guess one", "guess two" or "guess three" button, Mr. packman will try to eat your text! so you should be really quick to complete it, before its gone!

Using the clock  - to challenge yourself and your friends even more, you can time how much it takes you to complete, say, 5 idioms - and see who's getting most points for this time span. Click the "Start clock" button, and the timer on the upper right side of the screen will start rolling. Click "Stop clock" to stop it.


Perquisites, comments and known issues

- Requires Android OS 1.6 and above



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