Regretfully this app is obsolete as of now, due to Google 

Shutting down Google Latitude Service!


Thank you and sorry for your


Latitude Update

For Blackberry


Blackberry OS 5.x and higher


By Maildover LLC








This is due to changes in Google's authorization protocol. The new version (2.2) is enhanced to deal with the new protocol.

The authorization process is also simplified, the only thing required is to click "click to authorize" and provide your gmail username/password, and click allow.

For some old models such as Storm 1, this authorization process may not work - then you need to click menu->authorization backdoor, provide gmail username/password, click allow, COPY the code that shows up, click back, PASTE the code and click done. Once done (either first method or second), you are good to update. Click either "show location" to see latest location or "start update"  to start updating. The top button should change to "authorized".




What is Latitude Update

It's a Blackberry application helping you to keep your Google Latitude location updated all the time, even if Google Maps is turned off or not installed.

Latitude Update letting you chose the update frequency - anything between 1 minute to 60 minutes interval can be used. It also allow you to specify weather you want to update only when your location changes, or force update even when location did not change, These two options allowing you great saving in your GPS usage and thus battery consumption, plus allowing you better utilization of Google Latitude history page, as Google Latitude location history saves only the latest 600 location updates. 




Who is it for?

Anyone with Blackberry phone!




How to use it?


First thing you need to do, once you clicked on the Latitude Update icon and the application is loaded as shown above, is to authorize. This means logging in to Google Latitude webpage and entering your Google account username/password and granting permissions. You do this by clicking on "Click to Authorize!" button.


Note that Latitude Update app will automatically try to authorize for 30 seconds once you start the app, using the saved credentials .. only if it fails (or in the first time you start the app) you will need to click the "authorize" button:





Clicking this button will lead you through some screens where you need to provide your Google account username and password. (The username/password should match the Google account associated with your Google Latitude setup. Go to for more details, if you don't have Google Latitude setup yet)


Note that entering usernams/password will only be required the first time you authorize, subsequent authorization will go directly to the next page below .. so you won't need to enter username/password again:



Click "OK", then you need to allow Latitude Update permission to update Google Latitude. Click "Grant access" (leftmost button in this page):




Next you will see the following "My Account" screen:




Scroll to he end of this page and click "Grant access":





Wait few seconds and click "back" button on your Blackberry twice.


You will see the screen that shows up on top of this page. To start updating, simply click "Click to start updating" button, and you are done! Click on this button again anytime, to stop updating.


Note that the update will occur every minute now, as this is the default setting. So even if the GPS provider will update your device less frequently than 1 minute, e.g. every half hour, Latitude Update will update the location for half hour with exactly same location -  the latest one received from the GPS provider. Also, note that Latitude Update overlays the native Google Latitude updates - in other words, if Goolge Maps application is running on your Blackberry at the same time as Latitude Update, both Google Maps and Latitude Update will update the location history concurrently.

You can set Latitude Update to update location in intervals beetween 1 minute to to 60 minutes, by clicking "update frequency in minutes" button and selecting the interval you want. Note again, that Latitude Update will take the latest location as provided by the GPS provider, so for example if the GPS provider is updating every 10 seconds, and you select to update Latitude Update every 5 minutes, Latitude Update will update using the 30'th GPS location update (GPS provider updates 6 times a minute X 5 min = 30):


Forcing update even when location did not change

By default, Latitude Update will send GPS updates to Google Latitude only when your GPS reading shows you have moved since last reading. This setting saves both on battery and on location history, since Google Latitude saves only last 600 location updates. You can set Latitude Update to send updates even if GPS location reading did not change or even if GPS does not return any location at all (for example - when there is no GPS signal, in a building).To do that, select menu->Latitude Setup, and un-check the box saying "update only when location changes":





Clearing authorization

At any time, if for some reason you want to re-authorize, (so that when you start the app it won't try to authorize with the existing credentials) -  e.g. if you want to update a new or different Gmail account - select menu -> Latitude Clear Authorization. Then exit Latitude Update app, start your Blackberries' Internet Browser, select menu -> Options, and clear the cash, close the browser, re-open Latitude Update and click "Authorize" button. Now you will get the usernams/password screen again, where you can enter a different Google account username/password.





Perquisites, comments and known issues

- Requires Blackberry OS 5.0 and above

- Requires Internet connectivity


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