Location History


For iPhone / iPad

By Maildover LLC

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Who is it for?

Anyone using iPhone or iPad who wants to save their current trip locations and view it later, anyone using the phone for navigation and want to enjoy image-based compass.

What is it?

An app that updates devivce's internal databse with your current location:

   - Select any update interval, from real-time 30 seconds interval up to once an hour

   - Retrieve your location history into a scrollable table

   - Click any history location and map will open showing you the place

   - Quick status icon showing you interesting statistics on your locations history

   - Live map showing you the current location, allowing you to drop pins, zoom in/out and more

   - Image-based compass, utilizing beautiful landscape images, that change as your heading change

The app will also update your location when its on the background, so you can multi-task!

How to use it?

Click on the app to start it, click "start updating" - that's how simple it is!!

You have many more features of course... but that's how easy it is to get started. You can change the update interval anytime by clicking the top left button on the control screen -

Click "done" to get back to main screen, then click "start updating" to start using the new interval. To view location history, click "refresh history" first, then click the history tab -


You can click any of the locations in the table to view it in a map - 

In the map view you can click the play button (the > button) to track your live location, or pause (the || button) to stop tracking. You can drop pins using the top left button as you move, or clear pins using the top right button. You can zoom in/out using the bottom buttons, or using swiping gestures.

Back on the "Control" tab, the background image indicates where you are heading - East, West, North or South. The background image will move with your phone each time you turn! try it out -

You can stop the background image change anytime by clicking the pause button (the || button) at the bottom, and re-start it by clicking the play button (the > button).

You can leave the app anytime by clicking the home button, don't worry - the app will keep updating with your current location in the background.

Last but not least - you can always update your current location manually, by clicking on the "insert location" button at the bottom left of the control screen.

Some troubleshooting stuff..

1) If you don't see the latitude/longitude labels at the control screen getting updated, that means either your GPS did not aquire signal or your phone's location service is not enabled for this app. If that's the case, go to settings->privacy->location services, and enable for Location Fix app.

2) In the map view, when you click play (the > button) the map may show you in the middle of the ocean! no fear - just click the play button once more. This is due to Apple maps navigation issue.

3) Note that this app is personal and does not have any access to your friends' location for either viewing or updating.

Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you! As we are working on the next stepping stones in this fascinating journey, we are happy to get feedback and incorporate in our next version, help you out with technical issues, or just share experience. Please write us at maildover@gmail.com



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