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What is Moontalk

It's a fun application that opens up a little window to the wonderful world of astronomy, with just enough information to welcome our fascinating neighbors, the Moon and the Sun. It is a first step in series of planned applications that will expand on the astronomy front - while making it as easy and as fun.

Moontalk is available on Blackberry and  Droid,  now also for iPhone.

Here are the main features:

- Once started, Moontalk will either lock into the GPS signal - or allow you to set the desired location

- Show the current moon phase

- Let you navigate back and forth in time through the moon phases - or even choose your own date - in past or future, say your birthday, then display the moon phase at that date

- Display the Sun rise, Sun set, Moon rise and Moon set times for your current location

- Display the current altitude and azimuth, for both Sun and the moon at the current location



Who is it for

Anyone! if you are working on science project with your children for school, if you are a photographer that needs accurate information for your shooting, or you are in vacation in the mountains and just wondering where the Moon is around you - or just expand your knowledge of nature - Moontalk is for you.


How to use it

It's simple! most of the stuff is displayed right there on the screen as you start Moontalk. That includes the current moon phase, moon phase navigation, date selection, and trivia

Once opened, you can perform the following:

- Set the location. You do that by selecting latitude and longitude. Finding location's longitude and latitude is simple  - just open up Google Maps and click on the desired location, a pop up will show you the longitude and latitude. Setting the location is required if GPS signal is not available, or if you want Moontalk to display information for a location which is different than your current place. To set the location, select menu->set location:




set location



The location displayed will be the one obtained via the droid GPS, or 0,0 if no GPS signal is available. To set your own location, simply chanage the numbers. First line is for latitude (-90 to 90), second is for longitude (180 to -180), un-check the checkbox, and click return. From now on, when you click the "Moon n Sun info" button, it will display the information for your selected location.

- Scroll back and forth in time to see how moon phase changes. Do this by clicking on either the "last day" or "next day" buttons. Each click jumps in one day

- Select your own date to display the moon phase for that date - you do it by clicking on the button saying "Your own date", then select the desired date and click "set". The appropriate moon phase for that day will be displayed.



date display


- To display the current Sun and Moon rise/set times and curent location, click on "Sun n Moon info" button.

A screen will open up and show the current Sun and Moon rise/set times, and current altitude and azimuth for your location. Scroll down, and you'll see the azimuth   in graphical display - that's great for quick locating of the Moon and Sun. Just point your device to the north and look at the icons - is it in front or behind you, left or right? When the Moon or Sun have not risen yet, or already set, the icon will say "below horizon"



moon n sun locator





Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you! As we are working on the next stepping stones in this fascinating journey, we are happy to get feedback and incorporate in our next version, help you out with technical issues, or just share experience. Please write us at