My Turn

For Android / iPhone / iPad


By Maildover LLC


Who is it for?

Anyone that ever been  waiting on a line - at the doctor's office, at the bank, at the supermarket, at the airport, anywhere - that includes you! 

What is it?

A mobile app that predicts how long you have to wait for your turn! Complete with target date/time, count down clock, and statistics - such as how long it took the last person, how long it takes in average so far, and much more!

How to use it?

Start the app, select the number of folks in front of you in the line:

Then click "new turn" each time someone gets a turn - that's it! A sophisticated algorithm will kick in and try to figure out how long you have to wait:

Until you are done waiting and no more folks in front of you:

To the advanced users, you can also control how the prediction algorithm works. The first turn will usually come quicker then the other turns, since the first person in line was waiting already when you came over. The app's algorith can compensate for that  - either double or triple the first turn's waiting time artificially for you. To do that, click menu->setup, click "choose first person compensation",  and select the appropriate one:

Another way the algorithm can help you, is when one of the turns just takes forever. You can choose to compensate the prediction, such that when a turn has been waiting for more then half of everyone's waiting time, bump up the waiting time. You can bump it up twice or even three times:

We encourage you to use this app in different scenarios and let us know what you think so we can improve it!

Get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you! As we are working on the next stepping stones in this fascinating journey, we are happy to get feedback and incorporate in our next version, help you out with technical issues, or just share experience. Please write us at



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