Picture Frame




Blackberry Playbook





By Maildover LLC



What is Picture Frame?       


     It’s a fun app that plays pictures in sequence, as a slideshow, with nice transitions.




 Who is it for?


     This app is for any Blackberry Playbook user


How does it work?  


     Picture Frame plays the selected pictures in a sequence, providing a slideshow experiance.

- Browse:     Select and add pictures from the local playbook files to the slideshow

- Type URL: Type and add pictures from a website to the slideshow

- Preview:     Browse through the selected slideshow pictures

- Delete:       Delete pictures from the slideshow

- Save:         Save the slideshow sequence, so next time you start the app you can just run

- Run:           Play the slideshow sequence







Perquisites and comments


Supported Blackberry Playbook OS: and above

Connectivity required:

     WIFI or no connectivity  - for local file system access only


     - WIFI download speed:  Note that when selecting URL, the download speed depends on the WIFI speed. This is true for both browsing and running mode 




Next …


     We plan to improve the app in different areas. Please get in touch and let us know your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions etc.



Maildover LLC