One of the biggest contributions of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is in improving productivity. Combining PC-era commuting power with pocket-size form factor, wireless data, camera, GPS and panty of other sensors opened the door to limitless options.

My productivity apps are focused on enhancing your accessibility, extending your control and saving you time.

Among my productivity apps you'll find -

Vocal Notes

A Google Home app that lets you dictate messages and replay them later


Windows Share

An easy way to browse and download PC files right from your smartphone or tablet.

Talking Alarm Clock

Allowing you to set a wake up message that includes traffic, weather and news.

Location History

Where you can track on a map in real time your travel, drop pins as you go, save your locations and view location history. The app's main screen serves also as image-based compass - where each time you turn a proper image is sliding in, showing  you the heading.

My Turn

How many times have you been waiting in line not knowing when your turn will come - in doctors' office, in the supermarket .. now with My Turn, just select the number of folks in front of you and click each time someone gets a turn .. the app will tell you how long you have to wait!.


Express yourself in music and images - there are 12 cool animated GIFs and many different music themes that you can assign to them, plus some funny titles for each one that you can customize - useful as a quick and entertaining message - such as cute happy birthday or happy holiday.